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Navigating quotas, licensing paperwork, storage solutions and final delivery can be a lot to take on. We provide hassle-free logistic support so nothing stands between you and your products.

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Bespoke supply chains

At Oakfield Foods, we understand that no two businesses are the same. So why would our supply chain services be? We provide the logistical solutions that your business requires.

Personalised service

Our personalised service and supply chain management will get your products exactly where they need to be, when you want them there, at a rate that suits you. Our cold storage facilities and extensive transport network will streamline the delivery process. Rest assured, your goods will arrive on time every time. Whether you prefer regular deliveries to maintain a sufficient stock throughout the year or a one-off purchase, we work to your requirements.

Borders without bottlenecks

Our bespoke supply chain runs through our global network and relies on our professional expertise for seamless imports through the UK borders. We cover all sources, ethics, welfare, origins, forward buying, set currencies, stock holding and finance. Seamless vegetable, meat and poultry imports, designed just for you.


Transportation you can trust

Let us handle the process of importing from global sources, so you can focus on what matters most - running your business. With our support, imports and exports are seamless.

Trusted providers

Our global team sources the finest ingredients, from trusted providers around the world, ensuring quality and flavour to every dish with unbeatable prices. However, none of that matters if it doesn’t arrive on time. Thanks to our global supply chain and checks at all stages by our shipping and transport teams, each delivery is optimised to arrive at your destination when required.


Don’t lose yourself in the documentation of meat imports. Since the exit of Great Britain from the EU market and the changing rules and regulations for import and exports, we have the expertise to manage the stringent documents without errors to successfully import foodstuffs where it needs to go.

Our team of professionals know exactly how to complete and expedite these matters. We understand the quotas and documents necessary to complete a quick and painless supply chain process.

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