Using science to sustain safety standards


While we value the cost-saving of our global supply chain, food safety and authenticity always comes first. With Oakfield Foods, quality is not just a goal, it is a guarantee, thanks to our in-house technical team.

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Quality: Assured.

The need for robust technical and quality standards for food imports and exports is essential to ensure the safety, legality, authenticity and suitability of products.

This is where our technical team comes in. They not only ensure that our food sourcing is safe, legal, authentic and high-quality, but their experience expedites the entire process.

Top accreditation

This relentless dedication is nothing new for us at Oakfield. We were one of the first agents and brokers to become accredited with BRC Global Standard for Agents and Brokers––the leading benchmark in global standards set by GFSI.

Comprehensive coverage

We maximise quality and minimise delays thanks to the tremendous efforts of our technical and quality team. This level of expertise means that we ensure all facets of food safety are covered.

Animal welfare

Animal welfare and sustainability initiatives are more prevalent than ever. Our technical team are continuously working to ensure all suppliers comply with the latest legislation and regulations.

Audited suppliers

Our traceability checks ensure every product that travels along our supply chain can be traced directly back to farm and the conditions that it met along the way. Our team complete comprehensive audit reports for all stages of the supply chain to meet global food safety standards.


Food products will be tested according to legislation to ensure food safety and quality. Oakfield Foods and partner suppliers only use UKAS accredited laboratories for all testing.

System monitoring

Throughout our Quality Manual Standard, all of our systems are continuously reviewed and audited to ensure food safety, legality and authenticity are compliant.


Our multidisciplinary in-house team handles all of our technical and quality standards. With qualifications ranging from butchery, meat processing, animal welfare, nutrition and hygiene, you can be sure that every product that arrives through our supply chain has been systematically checked by experts in the field.

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