Oakfield Foods. Your one-stop food provider.

Since 1987, we have been in the business of helping our partners meet their food supply needs. Beginning as an import company for UK businesses, we expanded year-on-year as meat suppliers.

Our ambitions were, and are to this day, to improve our partners’ experience and always offer more. That’s…

More services

We are always expanding and improving our knowledge to help support our partners.

More support

We prioritise growing our teams to offer expert support at each part of the Oakfield experience.

More savings

We use our experience to advise and provide exposure to potential commercial opportunities.


The Oakfield way

Here at Oakfield Foods, we began with a simple mission, to be the best meat supplier on the market. Today, our aim is to be the ultimate food partner for your business. How? By offering bespoke services to fit your business needs. Here’s how we do it.

Culinary, Research and DevelopmentPackaging, processing, storage and transportationQuality assuranceImports & exports

Culinary, Research and Development

With our global network of trusted suppliers (including meat, poultry, fish, potato, vegetable and more), we make sure our partners get the best deals to meet their specific company requirements.

Packaging, processing, storage and transportation

We ensure our partners get the stock, when and how they need it. We source, further process and provide tempering, storage and transport services that you can rely on.

Quality assurance

With our in-house technical team, food safety, authenticity, legality and quality are guaranteed. Stringent checks take place on each stage of our supply chain, to make sure we exceed expectations.

Imports & exports

With our global network of trusted suppliers (including meat, poultry, fish, potato, vegetable and more), we make sure our partners get the best deals to meet their specific company requirements. 



We understand the importance of sustainability in our current world. As an independent company of experts in our field, we recognise the need for sustainability in the food import and export industry. That is why we believe in doing better.

Oakfield Foods has started its Environmental Social Governance (ESG) journey. ESG is a rating that measures a business’ emissions, waste, animal welfare and many other vital factors. We are driven to become a more sustainable business within both the UK and around the globe.

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Keeping Green

As part of our roadmap to ESG maturity, we believe in lowering our environmental impact as much as possible. This includes more efficient supply chain, reduced waste and packaging to be used as efficiently as possible. Optimising our packaging and preparation processes without sacrificing quality keeps us more sustainable and cuts down on partner costs.


As we explore the growing market of vegetable and potato imports, we keep the same considerations in mind: do our sources disrupt fragile ecosystems? That is why we make the extra effort to ensure our producers are using legal and environmentally friendly farming techniques.

Animal welfare

Our pledge to animal welfare is to ensure best practice in the rearing and raising of the animals used in our supply chain for meat and poultry products. With a commitment to our customers, we will always meet your specific welfare requirements.

Rewarding partners

Our success is based on the success of all our partners involved at all stages of the supply chain. In this way we not only remain dedicated to ethical work processes but foster successful, long-lasting relationships too.

Keep meat sustainable?

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