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We at Oakfield follow food trends across all industry sectors. With our culinary team you can sit back and relax. We will come to you with exciting new product innovations that match your unique needs.

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How it works

We are proactive and ahead of the curve, keeping you in front of the competition. Our culinary, research and development team works throughout the year to keep our partners on trend.


A cut above the rest.

Combining all of the Oakfield skillset across our business and the end result can be a single product or a whole range of commercially viable, quality based value for money end result. Products to be proud of.

Competitive advantage

With constant market research and a team dedicated to staying on top of all things delicious - your customers will never run out of modern flavours they crave.

Mix & match

Our myriad of potential palate possibilities gives you the freedom to find perfect recipes. From savoury meat dishes to fresh vegetable options, you can be sure that what you put on the plate is perfectly suited to your customer’s needs.

Expert service

The professionals in our team range from expert chefs, experienced R&D team and extensively trained factory specialists. Our services are always efficient and to the very highest of standards. Every point along your bespoke supply chain is accomplished with the utmost care to ensure quality, consistency and award winning products.


The personalisation of your products doesn’t stop at flavours, we strive to offer innovative ideas on packaging, such as on paupiette, ovenable carton tray and trying to reduce our plastic usage. Our preparation and packaging partners ensure your products arrive with a personalised touch. From custom flavours and combinations to the perfect NPD packaging choice for you; we strive to create impeccable end results.

Season specials

Stay on top of market trends and ride the waves of customer demand. Unleash the full flavours of each season with exciting, distinctive tastes. From special spices for Christmas classics to scrumptious steaks for a summer barbeque - satisfy your customers' year-round cravings from one, all-around supplier.

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