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Safety, legality & quality


Oakfield is dedicated to ensure the sale and distribution of safe and legal products. We supply our customers with product of the highest standard and monitor our own systems and controls to ensure our customer requirements are satisfied.

We have a multidisciplinary Technical Team, and have expertise and qualifications in butchery, meat processing, nutrition, animal welfare and hygiene. Being the first UK meat importer to gain third party accreditation for our quality system we have continued to lead the field in technical abilities. The system encompasses all areas of our operation and all links within the global supply chain.

All suppliers are audited and approved to ensure that they reach our exacting quality standards. All products are purchased to agreed specifications, and we continually monitor our suppliers to ensure continued quality.

NSF-CMi Certification

To download a copy of our NSF-CMi Certification awarded to Oakfield Foods on the 18th January 2010 please click the following link.

Oakfield Foods Ltd - NSF-CMi Certification (PDF).

New Product Development

Product Research & Development

Our dedicated New Product Development resource, led by the Technical Team working closely with the Commercial Department results in the supply of a quality product at the required price.

From our pilot kitchen; first stage samples are produced and approved before scaling up to pilot plant trials with our suppliers. This provides a quick turnaround of samples and allows slight changes to be improved and implemented.

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