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Frozen, chilled and cooked beef


We source a variety of frozen, chilled and cooked beef from South America and the EU. We have developed partnerships in order to source the highest quality material whilst remaining competitive in the market. Products comprise of frozen manufacturing meats of varying visuals leans, topsides, silversides, PAD meats all produced to agreed specifications.

We source a range of cooked beef products with access to many different processing systems. Our products include cooked primal joints for slicing, minced and diced beef, corned beef and a range of bespoke items.

Cooked, fresh and frozen poultry


Our poultry procurement is split into 3 divisions. Cooked products from Thailand, frozen manufacturing poultry from South America and fresh poultry cuts and whole birds from Eastern Europe.

Our cooked chicken range has seen continued growth both for manufacturing and retail sale. We procure a wide range of products including whole fillets, sliced fillets, kebabs, bespoke flavours and items.

Frozen lamb & mutton

Lamb & Mutton

Using an extensive supply base, product is imported from Australasia, South America and Europe. All cuts are sourced and supplied to a wide range of manufacturing and food service customers.

Frozen pork


From an international supply base, products are manufactured to our exact requirements. We source products ranging from manufacturing meats to high specification primal joints.

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